Where Have I Been?! – Life Updates

Where Have I Been?! – Life Updates

Hey y’all!

Happy Thursday! I haven’t written a blog post on here since the end of July and I’ve been so bothered by it. I thought I’d give a little bit of a life update and tell you all what I’ve been up to lately. Just a heads up: this is going to be a pretty long post!

To start, August was a hectic month. I took 11 credit hours this summer and managed to get an A in all of my classes after working hard to give my GPA a little bit of a boost. As soon as I finished taking my last final exam, I was on my way home to travel up to North Carolina with my parents. We enjoyed hiking around and exploring some new places that we hadn’t visited before, which is always an interesting experience.

Unfortunately, I only had a few days to really soak up the relaxation, as I had to come back home to Tallahassee in order to prepare for sorority recruitment.

The week leading up to recruitment, also called “Spirit Week” for us, is an intense week filled with recruitment practice run throughs and late nights at the house, but more importantly, this was a time for me to really sit and reflect on why I joined my sorority and why I decided to stay. Each day we had a different theme for dressing up to make this week a little bit more fun.

One of my favorite days we had was “AOII’s All That,” where we all dressed up in 90s attire. I tried my best to dress up like a Spice Girl, but it may have been a little lost in translation…. (if I’m being honest, I just really wanted to wear this corduroy pink skirt that I got for $3 from Forever 21!!!)

We also had a day that was “rocker” themed, so I dug out my over-sized denim jacket from the back of my closet. I sewed patches on the back of this jacket four years ago and I’d like to think that I was ahead of the game when big denim jackets became popular again.

Spirit Week taught me a lot about not only the recruitment process, but also about myself and my sisters. Even though we got frustrated and stressed out at times, we still managed to hang in there (although half of us were already sick with colds and strep throat)!

To be honest, I can’t really remember much about recruitment this year. I was sick with a cold and it felt like my throat was on fire every time I uttered a word, but the week seemed to go by in a blur. I only took some pictures from recruitment on the first day because that’s when I was feeling good and healthy, but I promise we looked cute every day that week!!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The best day of recruitment finally came – BID DAY!! This was such a fun day and I loved our theme, “AOPalooza,” which was based around music festivals. We were able to welcome home 92 amazing new members and I’m so proud of my sisters for recruiting such wonderful women.

That was by far the most hectic month that I’ve had so far, so compared to August, not a ton has happened in the last two months. I started the fall semester of my junior year of college and I’m currently taking 16 credit hours. I’m still a psychology major, but I have the potential to finish that degree up by next December, so I’m considering the possibility of turning my current sociology minor into a psychology-sociology double major with that extra semester of time. Nothing is set in stone, but I thought I’d throw some of my school life/academics in here to prove to my family that I’m not just out here partying every night!!

Onto the month of September! I took TWO little sisters, Maddie and Leah, and my heart has been so full ever since.

Aren’t they precious?! That’s pretty much the only memorable thing that happened that month…

In October, we had a 70s themed social with Delta Chi at the Strip, which was so much fun!

My friends and I also took a spontaneous trip to a rather sketchy pumpkin patch instead of going to the football game one day. We saw a beautiful sunset afterwards and went back home to carve some pumpkins that we ended up getting at Walmart because they were waaaay cheaper.

Overall, this semester has been extremely busy for me, but I feel like I’ve been getting so much more stuff done than I have in the past two years. I’m taking more classes than I have ever taken in the past, I joined the German Club on campus and became their Public Relations Assistant, I got a 98 on one of my brain and behavior tests (which has been one of my biggest accomplishments in my entire life), I joined an IM softball team that plays Wednesday nights (we lost 4-12 at our game last night, but that’s ok), and I’ve been feeling more confident with myself than I ever have in the past. Junior year is starting to look good on me and I’m so grateful for it.

I’m really hoping to write more often on this blog, as my achievements and good moods have left me feeling so inspired recently. Also, one of my sorority sisters, Laura (preppedupblog.wordpress.com) has been killing her blog posts lately and I need to add her in here! I wouldn’t have written this post today if it wasn’t for her. YGG!!

~Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever.~ 1 Chronicles 16:34



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