Thrift Store Tips!

Thrift Store Tips!

Hi y’all!

I am finally getting around to another blog post, as I’ve been MIA for the past few months. School, stress, and life in general, suddenly hit me like a brick wall all at once after I published my last blog post and I had difficulty finding the time (and inspiration) to make another one, but, alas! I come to you with my most recent post about my favorite pastime: thrift shopping!

Thanks to my parents, I’ve been thrift shopping and going to garage sales since before I was born (my mom probably went to both when I was chillin’ in her womb, I assume.) A good portion of the items and decor that we have back at home are from either of those two sources. What can we say? We love cheap stuff and vintage. It’s an addiction.

That being said, when it comes to thrift shopping, I’ve been around the block a few times and I’ve gathered a fair share of tips when it comes to finding some great hidden treasures.


1. You can’t expect to go to just one thrift store and find everything that you’re looking/hoping for.

This is something that I hear a lot when I talk to people about thrift shopping. They expect to waltz into just one thrift store and find anything they’ve ever dreamed of finding: the perfect pair of worn, 90s high waisted mom jeans that they can cut into shorts, a vinyl record by their favorite artist, a vintage art piece that would match perfectly with the decor in their apartment, etc.

This problem is mainly due to two things. One, you might be hitting up the same thrift store because you aren’t aware of any other thrift stores in your area. If you’re dealing with this particular problem, go online and do some research! More than likely, there will always be at least one other thrift store within a few miles of you, so take the time to do some research. If you’re very serious about getting into thrift shopping, don’t be afraid to drive a little further than you’re used to in order to discover new hidden gems!

The second possible reason behind this issue could be that you’re not making your thrift shopping a common enough occurrence. If you truly want to find some good items, you need to be checking back at your stores on a regular basis, ESPECIALLY on weekdays (if possible) when a lot of people are away at work. New stock comes in all the time and if you want to beat those shoppers who snatch up all the good stuff for the sole purpose of putting it on Ebay or taking it to the flea market, you need to make your local thrift stores another home to you!

Don’t get discouraged and give up if you don’t find something that you’re looking for the first time you go to a shop. That discouragement might prevent you from finding something amazing if you don’t come back!

2. Don’t be afraid to dig around! 

This is another thing that could be preventing you from finding all the goodies! If you just stick to the surface-level items that are scattered about the shelves or the bins, you’re practically scanning over the same items that everyone else has looked at and passed by. Don’t hold back from pushing items aside to look behind them; you never know if something is lurking back there! Also, someone might have deliberately left a cool item hidden back behind some other knick-knacks in order to hide it for when they come back at a later time. As bad as this sounds and please don’t hate me, but I always think that if they left it behind, it’s fate for me. Finders keepers, am I right?

3. Most of the time, things can be DIY’d and repainted

This is another thing that I keep in mind when I go thrift shopping. If you’re looking at furniture and see a brilliant piece that’s built well and you think would go amazing with your decor, don’t turn away from it just because of the color! There are many YouTube videos or websites that can show you step-by-step instructions on how to repaint, stain, or resurface furniture in order to turn it into something that is perfect for your style. Plus, completing a DIY project on an item that will be put on display for all to see might be rewarding!

The same can be said for little knick-knacks! A popular style for decor right now is to have items that are solid milk white glass or pure gold (other metals, too.) This makes things very simple when looking for decor items to fill your home at thrift shops! An ugly, outdated ceramic knick-knack can become something totally unique and modern with a few coats of some spray paint! It’s definitely cheaper than items at home and decor stores. Simple as that.


So those are my tips for today! I am planning on adding on to this list in a future blog post, so keep an eye out for that. I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far and that you’ve been extremely blessed throughout the month of June. Happy Tuesday!


~Exodus 14:14 – The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.~



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